Wednesday, December 19, 2007

mornings are for the birds.

sometimes my husband works late. very late.

last night, he didn't come to bed till 5am. he snored like a chainsaw. he hasn't been doing that much lately and i'm not used to it anymore. i asked him to get up and put on a nosestrip. it didn't help. after half an hour i gave up, took my pillow and went to sleep on the couch. it was lousy, but i managed to fall asleep, unlike in my bed. razi woke me at 7:50, which was 20 minutes later than i'd intended to wake. i'd been having a dream that razi had completely destroyed the bathroom, water everywhere, huge, ugly, decorative stickers (that spouse and i had intended to do something completely different with) all over every wall... i was glad to see the real razi.

i stumbled upstairs and was seriously (and probably unreasonably) annoyed at my spouse. it did not help that he thought i'd simply woken up early and gone downstairs to be awake, the jerk! stumbled through my morning. razi started to complain of a headache but said he wouldn't take medicine. he pretty much never does, so i didn't expect him to agree to it. i just said if he was well enough to go without motrin he was well enough to go to school. but his father insisted on trying to get razi to swallow a pill. that went ever so well. not.

some vomit and a new pair of pants later (and why did i have to grab the pants out of the laundry? i was sure he had plenty of clean laundry in his dresser! how many pairs of pants does the little blighter wear in a day?) his father finally gave up on getting razi to swallow a pill.

oddly enough, i didn't get the girls to school late. that never happens.

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