Tuesday, December 18, 2007

how not to enjoy a gift

someone (many someones?) gave lilah a TON of gifts at one or both of her schools today. in addition to a candy cane in a little felt "mitten," and a lovely hanukah card, she got a bunch of care bears stuff: an actual purple care bear, a care bears ball, a packet of care bears stickers, a care bears book.... i think her teacher was very generous. most of the things weren't exactly signed.

so she wants to play with the ball with her sister. only she doesn't want zora to touch the ball. because the ball is MINE!!!!!!!!!! she doesn't seem too keen on letting go of that little bear, either.

this interspersed with squeals of joy and the refrain of "oh my darling..." over and over from the song "Clementine."

have i ever mentioned before that my children are from mars?

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