Wednesday, April 08, 2009

yes, she is still four.

i just had this surprising conversation with lilah.

lilah: "i have five meatballs!"
me: "you have five? i thought i gave you two?"
lilah: "yes. and then you will give me three and then i will have five."

since when does she do arithmetic?! i assume the credit goes to her preschool teachers. unless she and her big sister have been playing "school" more productively than i'd ever guessed!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Passover is clearly near....

I was on my computer when Lilah came in with a book and requested I read to her. We climbed onto my bed and once I finished the picture book, I decided instead of reading it again, I wanted to snuggle. We snuggled and cuddled for a bit, until I guess I went too far because Lilah decided she wanted to get off the bed and go. "Let my people go!" she declared. I do believe that is her first real joke.