Thursday, March 01, 2007

38 and counting

I've done plenty of things that have made me feel like I was growing up. Like I was "really an adult now." I finished school, got my first credit card, got married, had babies…. I’ve felt like a “real adult” for quite some time, now.

I seem to have graduated from the milestones that make me feel like a real adult, to the milestones that make me feel like I am aging.

Today I had my first mammogram.

It was… not as awful as I feared it would be. The films will be read on site, and the woman who did the exam told me that it is common to be called back for a second set when one gets a baseline. They won’t really know what is normal for me and what isn’t, and that may lead to questions. I was grateful for the warning.

Now, I wait.

Good thing patience comes with age.

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