Thursday, February 01, 2007

harry potter: a prediction, a d'oh! and a squee

first the squee.
book seven!! this summer!!! july!!! OMG!!!

second, the d'oh: i can't believe i never saw this before, but an online friend pointed this out and i had to figuratively facepalm. how did i never see this before?
by putting the curse on the DADA position, Voldemort assured himself a bit of a free field. it's in DADA that students learn to defend themselves against the likes of Voldemort. no decent DADA class/teacher, for years and years and years, and Voldemort won't be facing a whole lot of true, effective opposition. smart Voldemort. and dumb Dumbledore for letting Voldemort into the school, where he was able to put the curse on the job!

third, the prediction:
draco malfoy and werewolves will somehow interact in book seven in a significant way. the foreshadowing starts all the way back in book one!

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Lesley said...

You like Harry Potter too?

Will have to re-read the books from the start, esp to see the Draco/werewolf connection. Shouldn't be too horrible.