Wednesday, January 10, 2007


lilah loves socks and shoes. we often tell people that her favorite things in the world are shoes and phones. she will take almost any smallish rectangular or square thing, put it up to her ear and "talk" into it as though it were a phone. this part is cute.

she likes to put on her sister's shoes and walk around in them. she also has a pair of shiny red boots that i bought for her at goodwill that she utterly adores. she wears them often and has finally learned how to put them on (untied) all by herself. this part is also cute.

but she has a habit now of pulling her socks on, all the way up, and then getting angry when they won't go higher. and when i say angry, really what i mean is unmitigated screaming fury. when the sock is all the way up she starts screaming and throwing a huge tantrum. if she can manage it, she'll hurt other people. yes, intentionally. yes, over a sock.

it's funny and sad and ridiculous, all at the same time. and this part is not cute.


lara68 said...

that's tragic :/

i once woke up screaming from a dream in which i was arguing with my mother about socks...

vicki said...

i can imagine having a dream like that. i swear, self-awareness about how my kids are gonna do that stuff to me someday, but still being locked with my own mother in our dance of idiocy, is one of the worst things about motherhood.

of course, lilah's screaming fits are still worse. ;)

DrGaellon said...

so buy her knee-highs... or wait her out. this, too, shall pass.