Monday, January 08, 2007


I just read a blogger post from a friend where she talks about her ten favorite foods, and I got inspired. I don't think I have ten favorite foods to eat, but I am sure I can think of ten favorite foods to talk about. ;)

1: Lamb chops. you ask what my favorite food is, it's easy. My mom used to make lamb chops all the time when I was a kid and I would get grease everywhere, fighting with the bone to get every last molecule in my mouth. I never eat them anymore because I don't really buy red meat (except in sandwich meat I guess) but I can still almost taste my mom's lamb chops. yummmm.....

2: Cholesterol cake. That's what I call it in my head, anyway. it's a recipe I modified. it's officially called "strawberry yogurt pound cake" but when I double the recipe I add two eggs, making a total of ten. it also has chocolate chips, twelve ounces of yogurt, and two full sticks of butter. my kids call it "breakfast cake" and love it. I make it fairly frequently. why? because my son is something of an unofficial vegan. by which I do not mean he is philosophically choosing not to eat animal products. what I mean is, he has a short, short list of foods he's willing to eat, and eggs isn't on it. actually, protein is barely on it. we're still dancing jigs that he starting being willing to eat peanut butter, because until I "invented" breakfast cake he wasn't eating protein. now he gets it from peanut butter and breakfast cake. I’m actually pretty proud of it. :)

3: Avers Pizza. That would be a small, local pizza chain. they're amazing. I don't bother buying pizza from anyone else anymore. we have Avers every single week now. it's tradition. :)

4: Broccoli. For a while there it seemed like scientists were declaring a new reason broccoli was healthy every month or two. which was nice, but pure gravy, really, because there is no finer vegetable. I ADORE broccoli. I could eat it every single day.

5: I love tea. I even have a very handsome, and profoundly dusty, teapot collection. but really, it's all about the tea. what kills me is that as I age I find that certain teas bother my stomach now, and I don't know why yet. it doesn't seem to be the caffeine, it doesn't seem to be the milk.... I have to figure out what it is because I drink tea all day, and I’d like to drink more flavours!

6: Brown rice. I read somewhere while the Atkins diet craze was making the news that we talk about people having a "sweet tooth" or a "fat tooth" but really, a lot of folks have a "carb tooth." oh, yeah. give me carbs. rice, pasta, potatoes... and then more rice. and for dessert? ice cream would be nice, but could I have fettuccini alfredo, instead?

7: Indian food. Don't know how to cook it myself, so I only eat it in restaurants. their breads are so cool, and those stews... I love Indian food.

8: Canned pears. My older daughter gets intermittently obsessed with them. she won't ask for them for ages and then suddenly she would happily eat two huge cans a day if I let her. this lasts for a week or three, and then snap! and she's done again. it's a little weird.

9: Salsa. I love salsa. its calorie free, it's spicy, it's nothing but vegetables. the virtuous snack food.

I think I’ll stop at nine, because really, who wants to be like everyone else and have a list of ten that actually has ten things? ;)

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