Monday, August 15, 2005

a birthday approaches.

well, my youngest child is about to have her first birthday. our intention has long been that she would be our last child, so i occasionally get a bit misty about never having another baby. especially as this baby prepares to leave official baby-hood. indeed, she is working hard on learning to walk, and is using more "words" now than just a few days ago.

but i still feel, deep down (probably in my hip bones, they haven't completely recovered from my last pregnancy) that three kids is the right number for this family.

so i need to plan a birthday party, whether i feel ready or not. i think this party will be pretty small. heaven knows this child doesn't need more toys or clothes - though i think the party itself will utterly delight her. she adores getting attention. what third child doesn't? but i don't want the house overrun and i don't want to make a really big deal out of this transition. i want her to be a baby a while longer.

for me, that's the funny thing about parenthood. it is simultaneously about my children and about me.

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