Tuesday, August 21, 2007


my insane children are "cleaning" their bathroom. you see, razi dared to tell me, on the way home from school no less, that my ideas about what to do when we got home were "boring." i angrily told him that if he was bored he could clean the bathroom and zora turned that into the funnest idea of what to do, ever.

that child is from mars.

i can only hope they don't do anything purely revolting with the toilet scrubber or the toothbrushes or something like that, but i can't supervise, i just can't. i suppose this means i'm a wuss.

i can, however, go up and check on them occasionally. so, what does this "cleaning" mean? water all over the floor. every single washcloth soaked and dubious. zora covered with soap. razi running around in his underwear. me wanting to send them all back to school.



lara68 said...

eek! :o i can't help feeling somewhat responsible. sorry. :(

(i also can't help laughing. they are a little young for *unsupervised* cleaning!)

jelymo said...

i'm so looking forward to the many wacky adventures of motherhood. let's hope blasto just makes a mess of 'cleaning' instead of his first words being "fing douchebag". i tells ya, i gotta quit swearing....