Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Something to say?

My mom has asked me to blog more often. Hi mom! ;)

We just had a lovely visit with my mother and father. They should come more often. the kids love to see them, and that makes me so happy.

Winter break starts really soon. The girls have school tomorrow but not on friday, and Razi has school on friday but then they all get two weeks off. I'm already panicking. I hate winter break. The kids get really bored and it's so cold I hate to plan outings. Play dates. I need to schedule a zillion play dates.

I did enough surveys to get another free CD. This time I chose "on and on" by jack johnson. I like it and so does Lilah. She and I danced to some of it yesterday. I love watching her dance. She's so incredibly cute.

Supposedly, I am writing a novel. I obviously need a deadline, because I've written a paragraph. About a week ago. And that's it. Yikes!

And this is why I don't blog very often. My life is dull, I have nothing to say. ;)

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