Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Tooth Fairy

Who knew I could be so sentimental?

Don't answer that.

I picked my son up from school today - exactly one week before his 6th birthday - and after several minutes of playing on the playground, realized he was missing a lower front tooth. When I asked him where it was, he told me it was in the garbage! He'd never indicated that it was loose, so I'd never explained that he should keep it when it fell out.

I used to wonder why parents told their children about the tooth fairy. What purpose does the myth serve? Now that I am in the position myself, I finally know. I want that landmark! I want that memento! I want it enough, as it turns out, to pay for it.

As it turns out, instead of telling him about the tooth fairy, we treated the whole clan to pizza. And, it seems, invented a new tradition. Lose your first tooth, we all eat pizza. I can live with that. Now I just have to hope it convinces him not to throw away any of the other teeth.

He looks adorable, by the way. And we found the thing, at the bottom of the garbage pail in his classroom. It is safe in a plastic bag in my "save these baby things" drawer.

Motherhood. It changes a woman.

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regis said...

Who knew I could be so sentimental?

Don't answer that.

calling on my fine command of language, i say nothing.